My uncle ties his dreads around my cousin to keep her from falling off his shoulders and I think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.



Anonymous said: u should totally draw some poc!hermione bein cute man. like readin in her books or tryin 2 tame her wild hair or having to put up with ron and harry.

hermione bein cute and multitasking while she gets dressed or s/t woo


enjolras and grantaire + text posts because im trash

also bonus éponine





this sentence is giving me a migraine 

Iggy’s gonna be the first real superstar female rapper you guys ignore Lauryn and Missy’s grammy’s and critical acclaim ignore Nicki’s platinum albumS and sell out tours and critically acclaimed mixtapes ignore it all, ms crocodile dundee dropped one mediocre 8 track mixtape and did 2 songs that everyone only knows the chorus too SHE’S the one to watch!!! 

The most depressing part of this is that lat month Nicki Minaj actually broke the record for the most appearances as a lead, collaborative, or featured guest artist on the Billboard Hot 100. But nah, forget her, she’s not important, let’s all gush about how successful Iggy Azalea is instead.

What I had for breakfast this morning is more important than Iggy Azalea.

looking at baby pictures of myself is always so good for me because i realize i’ve literally had these bags under my eyes since birth so there’s no point in trying hard to get rid of them


ask yourself:

when was the last time I watched the I Love Egg Song? 

the answer is “not recently enough”. watch the I Love Egg Song. it will make you happyyy


the sky on the subway tonight


I would be extremely okay with it if they just went ahead and remade the Lion King as an animated movie but with humans

I dunno, inspired by the broadway or something. 

….Don’t think about the logistics. Just do.

also open in this in another tab please